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Boxwood is an integrated design studio. We approach each Architecture, Branding, Graphics or Planning project through the lens of collaboration and creativity, leaving no stone unturned to achieve a client-specific response. No two clients, no two projects are alike. Each deserves a design solution that is precisely right for its unique, specific requirements.


Each Boxwood project begins with a “deep dive” series of conversations with the client to fully articulate needs as well as dreams. Through the dynamic interplay of this collaborative design process, the needs and desires of the client merge with our experience, skill and creativity. We work with the client to design a building, a brand, a graphic identity or a master plan that fully expresses the client’s unique “DNA” in the essence of the resulting product.


Just as each client and each project are unique, each member of the Boxwood team brings their own valuable perspective to the design process. Each person is educated, experienced, enthusiastic and skilled. At Boxwood we involve the whole team in the initial design charrette phase of our projects. This allows each project to benefit from the multi-faceted jewel that is the collective Boxwood approach to the design process – collaborative, creative and assiduous.