Gilbert Orchards was founded in 1897 and has been a long standing family owned orchard and fruit processing company in Wylie City since that time.  Several years ago they approached Boxwood to help them develop a master plan for their property.  One of the projects that came out of the master plan was a new link between the old brick, ammonia cooling equipment building which had been remodeled according to a design by Nate Gilbert and the office building which sits 10 feet away across a bricked walkway.  The link was not possible for years because it was occupied by the main electrical feed for the plant.  When that was relocated this year, plans moved forward.

The new link is meant to provide an overt signal to the new entry of the building and provide interior access to both buildings where previously, outside access was the only possibility.  An upward sloping shed roof, spaced cedar screen wall with new signage, and a new stair linking the parking lot to the building provide the necessary clues.  Inside the narrow structure, the brick facades of both buildings remain exposed and highlighted with a wash of light.  The roof supported by new beams and car decking rises to a peak and then drops down on the back side following the roof line of the office building. 

The cedar screen wall used on the exterior is repeated as partial partitions between spaces.  There is a vestibule and company sign-in point at the entry end.  At the far end of the link there are tables and chairs to fill out employment applications and other forms or to wait for one’s appointment. 

Custom ‘smudge pot’ light fixtures provide lighting over tables and work surfaces and skylites provide general daylighting.