Susan Harper’s residence is in the Seward Park neighborhood of Seattle.  It sits on the side of a north facing slope overlooking Lake Washington.  The third floor of the house was at one time just an attic but had been converted years ago to a play room and bedroom with low ceilings under the gabled roof.  Boxwood’s role was to peel back the roof and replace it with a raised shed with two dormers while keeping the overall look of a shingle style Cape Cod residence. 

The steep stair was reworked to reduce the rise and increase the run.  The stairs were covered in oak to match the strip oak flooring on the main floor.  They rise up through the center of the house to a new master suite.  One lands at the top of the stairs to the bright geographic center of the top floor.  An expansive 12’ wide set of French style sliding doors open onto a deck. 

On the right is the master bedroom with queen bed and night stands, a vaulted dormer and double hung windows overlooking the property, Lake Washington and the Cascades.  Behind the bedroom, tucked under the roof’s main gable is a walk in closet.

On the left is a master bath with long double vanity, a freestanding soaking tub surrounded by double hung windows, an large double head, door-less shower with infinity drain and toilet alcove.  Behind the bathroom is a laundry and storage area. 

The feeling is cottage-loft-treehouse, mostly glass set under vaulted dormers with incredible views and privacy because it is above everyone else…