A new winery incubator is being planned in Milton-Freewater, Oregon.  The 29,900 SF facility will be home for multiple wineries including an established anchor winery.  Each tenant will have a bonded temperature controlled barrel room space that can be used for aging in barrels or tanks.  Each barrel room has a maximum capacity of 288 barrels.  The main production area will have space for a combination of small bins, medium and large tanks for fermentation and blending and will also serve as barrel drop down space for racking. 

Grapes will be delivered via a loop drive and will be processed on a covered crush pad with a high capacity, state of the art sorting and destemming line, and press.  A temperature controlled warehouse for more than 20,000 cases of finished product will be available to the tenants.

Support spaces include a business center with space for each tenant, individual storage rooms, small and large conference rooms, full lab, and incubator management offices, kitchen and tasting room.  In addition, startup, business, regulatory, and graphics support will be available.